The Thrash-Haliburton Team

John Haliburton, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Georgia First Lady Marty Kemp, Mo Thrash Copyright © 2023
John Haliburton, Georgia Lt. Governor Burt Jones, Mo Thrash Copyright © 2023

The Thrash-Haliburton Team

  • Public Affairs
  • Legislation
  • Business
  • Development
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Procurement
  • Appropriations

Mo Thrash
phone: 404-790-0958
John Haliburton phone: 678-230-2796 email:

With a combination of expertise, energy, time, resources, effective relationships, and a combined 63 years of experience, our team makes up the strongest government affairs firms in the state. We represent many clients with unique and complicated legislative, appropriations, procurement, and business development needs and have been successful in achieving their objectives. From the largest to the smallest issues, we’ve been involved somehow.

Thrash-Haliburton continues to rank as one of the top firms every year, and Mo has been named Top Lobbyist in Georgia by fellow lobbyists and the press.

You will find no one more driven, hard working, and well-connected with a record of success that is driven by results! That is a promise!

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